If you’re a Barbie fan then it looks like you have a good reason to head on over to Taiwan!

Barbie is the symbol of girls childhood – and it’s been around for over 54 years. Now, there is a restaurant dedicated to the doll and it has opened in Taiwan. Without fail, it symbolises the dolls like it should – being pink and plastic all around.

The restaurant has been licensed by Mattel, the creator of Barbie has opened in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan and is located in the shopping district of the city. They are hoping that the cafe will promote Barbie as a fashion brand.

The staff who are working at the restaurant have to wear a uniform with the pink Barbie logo, matching tutus, Barbie logo armbands and a tiara on their heads. The fashion line will be available on Mattel’s website (which includes the tutu – for toddlers)

The café is 660 square metres of pink dining space, furnished with fashionable illustrations of Barbie in a rangle of outfits on the walls and chairs, which have a red corset style lacing and tutus around the seats.

Take a look at the new restaurant:


Guess we know where the us Lipstiq girls will be heading to for vacation!


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