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If there’s one thing every girl with thunder thighs would like to have, it’s the little gap between the thighs. Let’s face it – it would make everything in life so much easier. Your thighs wouldn’t chafe, your pants won’t rub and then disintegrate, which would only cause a rise in your expenses to buy a new pair of pants. And not to mention, that wearing maxi dresses during the summer would literally be a breeze.

If you spend most of your hours scrolling through your Tumblr dashboard, you’re bound to encounter the ‘thinspiration’ theme’s most iconic look – the thigh gap, which is one of the most desired traits of the female physique. In case we lost you there, the thigh gap is essentially the gap between a person’s thighs.

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Some ladies (models) are graced with the thigh gap, but a lot of us aren’t. But let’s face it, the thigh gap is desirable for two reasons – it’s sexy and don’t get us started on how practical to have during the warmer months. The big, sad truth about the thigh gap, however, is that exercise is probably not going to help you achieve it.

Painful truth to bear, isn’t it? But why is it so? Well, according to science, your thigh gap is determined by your the skeletal structure around your hips. If you have wide set hips, you’re more likely be able to achieve the thigh gap. But then if you’ve got a slender physique, you probably don’t have much to worry about as long as you keep your thighs fit. But just because you have wide hips, that also doesn’t mean you’ll miraculously earn a thigh gap, either. (Source)

In an organic skeletal structure, the femurs (the bones in the thigh area) moves inwards, it might be difficult to achieve a thigh gap, especially since you’ll also have a layer of muscle, skin, fat, and everything else in between. If you’re blessed with slim legs, some modeling lessons will come in handy.

If you want your pictures to look like you have a thigh gap, simply follow these instructions:
1. Straighten your legs
2. Stick out your butt
3. Bend forward with your heels apart
(Take note that these tips are only for photographic purposes, and walking in this position is proven to be rather awkward)

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To justify this new ‘trend’ that’s really not helping the world’s mindset of what’s beautiful, just remember that the thigh gap is generally based on your genetics and bone structure, not your diet or how thin you are. And your bone structure is something you can’t really change, but the aesthetics department will probably come up with something eventually. After all, they’ve even come up with surgery to make you taller.

What are your thoughts on the thigh gap? Do you envy those who have it? Or are you absolutely happy with what you have?


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