She’s started in the movies like Wild Child, Hotel For Dogs and most famously, Nancy Drew. She’s grown up in front of the cameras and she’s made herself pretty known to the public eye. As for her fashion, we can say she’s your typical teenager trying to find what suits her best. She’s got a very laid back and chic kind of style – but we can see that evolving.

Take a look at Emma Roberts good and bad fashion moments here: 


1. We love her efforts in trying here – but something about this look is just so off. The combination of the colours and the satin top – they just don’t go so well together. What do you think?

2. This is the pinnacle of Emma Roberts fashion statements. She looked absolutely flawless and elegant in this blue number. From the hair to the makeup – everything seemed just that much more perfect.

3. Elegant once again. Being the small sized girl that she is – sometimes, she may look a little too young for the clothes she wears – but she does it right here. We love the clutch!

4. There is just something about this orange dress and her skin tone that go so well together. It’s hard to pull off a colour like this, but Emma does it with class!

5. A jumpsuit is a fashion item that can go either drastically wrong – or perfectly right. Here we see her looking oh-so-chic! That red ribbon makes her look like a little fashionable present. Don’t you think so?

6. Simple, casual and chic. That’s the best way to describe this look!


7. It may seem like Emma is dressing up a little ‘old’ for her age – it’s all too conservative! But, we do love the touch of metallic blue heels!

8. Emma Roberts is looking all modern and preppy in this sweater – what do you think? YAY or NAY?

9. This is a look we love! She looks absolutely flawless in this red number – it’s simple and classy. So effortless!

10. When you look at Emma Roberts here, she looks like a real woman. The cutting of the dress really does her good. We want to see her in this more often!

11. Once again, simple and classy is the way that Emma Roberts takes it. We love the tinge of red lipstick! So sexy!

12. Uh-oh…probably one of her biggest downfalls. We don’t even understand why she would put on such an outfit. The shoes, the outfit… they all don’t go well together. It’s hard to even look at her!


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