Truth to told, we have never taken Valentine’s Day seriously because it’s just an excuse for couples to celebrate love publicly and the marketing strategies to get people spending on the expensive gifts and flowers. We don’t blame people for being a little bit desperate for love on this day especially when the couples looking all lovey-dovey on the streets. In fact, you are not the only one who’s looking for love on this day because there are far more singletons than you’d imagine. So, instead of feeling depressed over going solo on V-day, we have 10 reasons why being single is awesome this Valentine’s Day!

1. Valentine’s Day promotions

Oh this is another reason why we stay single for now because well, most of the restaurants or jewelries shop are usually having Valentine’s Day promotions. In fact, you can even get two things for the price of one. Great bargains indeed!



2. Celebrate friendships
Forget about being in a relationship. Valentine’s Day can be the day where you gather all your single friends and do a single party! The love and support given by each other can lasts longer than some of the relationships too. You might even witness a new couple born among all your friends in the end of the day.



3. Free presents
While we can’t be sure if you are popular among the oppositie sex, but there’s just one great things about single on Valentines’ Day. You might receive a lot of Valentine’s gifts including chocolate, flowers, or any other presents from your admirer(s) and it’s totally fine if you reject them. At least you don’t have to feel sad and disappointed over the tacky presents from someone who doesn’t really know you at all.

4. Freedom
Speaking of free presents, Valentine’s Day is the day you feel exceptionally free and you can do anything you want without worrying about anything else. It’s good to have fun by yourself and indulge in something you like without someone else to care about. Those who are in relationship will know how it feels because sometimes you will miss the freedom you once had.

5. At least you’re not stuck in a bad relationship
One of the complaints we always heard from our friends after Valentine’s day is the date didn’t went well as they wanted it to be because the boyfriend doens’t seems to care. Valentine’s Day is a day romanticized by the commercial world. So in reality, Valentine’s Day is just another normal day and the next day your partner might revert back to the old self again.

6. It’s a trap!
Let’s just say Valentine’s Day is more like a Hallmark’s conspiracy to get people to spend more on the gifts, cards and all the dinner set menus. Let us just take a look at Valentine’s Day historical background and you will find that really, it has nothing to do with the gifts and flowers but a tragic love story instead. In fact, every day can be Valentine’s day because you can celebrate love every day.



 7. Self-discovery
Being single means you have more time to discover yourself, your true goals and passion. Once you found them, you can continue to achieve your goals and becomes passionate to your work without someone else to interrupt your plans.

8. More productive
On Valentine’s Day, you might be feeling extra motivated to do things that couples can’t do and eventually becomes more productive at work. Plus, you don’t have to worry about how to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with that special one because you don’t have to celebrate it anyway.

9. Save more money
It’s undeniably that you would actually have to spend more money on Valentine’s Day if you’re in a relationship. Even if you do spend money on that day, at least you’re spending it on yourself and not anyone else.

10. Being flirty
Opps! Did we just said that? Perhaps one of the great things about being single is that you can get flirty with any cute guys you saw and no one is gonna be mad at you! But, of course what we really mean is that you can take this opportunity to meet new people and get a new friend!

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Adrina Hoi
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