There are times when no matter how hard you try, you just can’t hide the dark under-eye circles even with the best concealer. Things get worse when your under eyes get puffy every morning that make your face looks awfully tired and older. For some cases, eye bags could be the hereditary condition which is nothing you can do about it but to accept it and be proud of it. But for most of us, the skin underneath our skin get thinner and becomes less elastic with more visible blood vessel as we get older. Instead of concealing the dark eye circles, why not find a treatment to get rid of them once and for all? There are many different ways to fix the dark circles and puffiness but we’ve rounded up the 10 best ways to get rid of dark circles under your puffy eyes naturally.

1. Healthy Eating



Indulge in healthy diet by eating more fruits and vegetables and food containing Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. These food effectively reduces the swelling and discoloration while eating salty foods at night will swell up your eyes in the morning due to water retention. The healthier you eat, the better your skin can become!

2. Cold Shower In The Morning

While the puffy eyes in the morning will be gone by lunch time, but to makes sure you look energetic throughout the day, cold shower in the morning is a speedy way to get rid of puffy eyes. Cold water help contracting the body vessels in our skin thus the cold shower in the morning can helps reduce the puffiness of your eyes!

3. Stay Hydrated



Drinking water is the best thing to do for our body as water because our body will not puff up easily when properly hydrated. Avoid drinks that contains a lot of sugar, caffeine and sodas as well because they also promote the appearance of dark circles. It is important to stay hydrated with clear water to improve our skin and eyes to clearer eyes and radiant skin complexion.  .

4. Eye Massage

Relieve your tired eyes with the simple eye massage as it can helps reduce the puffiness of your eyes too. To soothe your tired eyes, simply rub your palms until it’s warm then press your warm palm against the eye sockets. To reduce the puffy eyes, gently press your ring finger underneath one eye and move in arc shape.

5. Sufficient Rest

6-8 hours of sleep is the ideal sleeping period because the sufficient rest can helps body restoration and cells rejuvenation. Insufficient sleep causes the appearance of dark circles as the blood circulation has slow down in our skin resulting in paler skin.

6. Home remedies



Green tea is proven to strengthen capillary walls and effectually eliminate dark circles under the eye with the use of green tea bag treatment. Cucumber is also said to effectively get rid of the puffiness and the dark circles under your eyes. Hence, cut the fresh cucumber into slices and place them onto your eyes and skin while sleeping until the next morning. To get rid the puffy eyes in the morning, a couple of spoons must be put into the refrigerator the day before and placed them on the eyes until the spoons get warmer.

7. Quit Bad Habits

The root causes of dark circles also include bad habits such as smoking and drinking. These bad habits are the worst things to do for your skin. Smoking only worsen the dark circles under your eyes and your puffy eyes as the nicotine in the cigarettes kills the vitamin C in your skin resulting in poor circulation. Excessive drinking inhibit the cardiac function thus decrease the oxygen level that slow down the flow of oxygen in your skin.

8. Minimize Your Stress level

While working may be the most important aspect of your life, but it is important to stay stress-free as stress has proven to worsen the skin’s condition thus increase the visibility of dark circles under your eyes. To keep your mind calm and peaceful, quiet and relaxing exercises such as yoga and meditation are recommended to reduce the stress.

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