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Identical Twins Reunited On Facebook After 25 Years



We’ve heard countless stories of twins reunited after more than a decade and they are indeed heart-warming and touching. But this Chinese New Year came as a great surprise for two identical twins who was separated at birth as they finally found each other through social media site Facebook after 25 years!

The first thing that popped up in Grace Loo’s mind was to find her twin sister when the YMCA executive was told that she had a twin.

 “But the only clue I had was that she was given away at the same village where my biological parents lived,” she said. “I went to Google and typed things like searching for ‘lost twin’ and so on. I even set up a Facebook page to find her but there was no news.” said Loo, who is only 9 minutes older than her sister, Eliza Chang.

According to Grace, she first acknowledged about the existence of her twin after her adoptive father told her about her twin. So the search for her twin began there and the searching lasts for 3 years until she finally found her on Facebook with all the details she got during the search. She typed in the keyword “Raub” as she was told that Eliza was being sent to a family in Raub by their biological parents due to financial constraints.

“I was directed to a woman’s profile and I looked through her friends list. I saw Eliza’s profile and I knew it was her. It was beyond words. I was at the office when I found her and I was so happy I couldn’t work after that, said Loo in excitement during the meet-up.



Eliza who worked as a nurse in Malaysia, also expressed her excitement and said, “When I saw Loo’s friend request, the first thing I thought when I saw her profile was hey, I don’t remember taking this profile picture!”

“For a few days before the meeting, I was worried, because I’m very quiet, and she said she was very quiet too. “So I was worried if it would be awkward, would we have anything to talk about?” Grace said. But when they finally met at the bus stop, Eliza said that it felt like she was meeting an old friend, someone I had known for a long time.

The two were surprised at how much the both of them had in common despite the 25 years of separation. “We have almost the same personality. We compared profile pictures and we realised that at certain times of our lives, we had the same hairstyles and dress sense. We both also like spicy food, travelling and sleeping,” Loo said.


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