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How to Wear the Peplum for Your Shape



The Peplum has been in the fashion spotlight for over a year now, and it’s one trend that’s going to stay for a very long time.
It was first introduced in the 19th century as an extra material sewn onto tops, pants and skirts to give the illusion of a curvaceous body. The peplum was one of the biggest trends especially in the 40s and 80s, but it took 2012 by storm on the runway and even until now, it’s still one of the most popular looks on the street.

Rocking a peplum doesn’t require much accessorizing, but this elegant piece of clothing can easily go wrong if you don’t know how to rock it the right way to flatter your body.
Here’s a simple guide on how you can look amazing in a peplum according to your shape.




If your figure is straight with a slightly defined waist, opt for a peplum that sits right where your waist is so it creates a contrast between your hips and waistline. If you have narrow shoulders, tops or dresses with padded shoulders or puffed sleeves will give your figure more proportion.




If you’ve been told that curvier women should avoid the peplum, you’re wrong. A peplum can flatter your figure just by opting for a sharply-structured piece that’s nipped at the waist.





Peplums are perfect for apple-shaped figures as it draws attention to your torso, adding more volume to your curve while balancing out your hip-to-shoulder ratio. Try out various peplum tops and make sure the peplum sits below the waist and standing right on the hipbones. If that’s a little trickier to find, simply try a few on to find the perfect one that flatters your figure.





To us, the peplum is made for women of different shapes and sizes. If you have a great hourglass figure, you may want to look for a peplum that isn’t too frilly as it’ll add a little too much volume to your curves. So, both plus-sized and hourglass figures should opt for sharp and clean-cut peplums, but add a little more life to your dress, opt for a piece with prints or bolder hues.


How to Wear a Peplum Top
1. A fitted mid-length skirt and a narrow belt
2. Paired with narrow tailored pants OR skinny jeans
3. Worn with a simple statement necklace


How Not to Wear a Peplum Top
1. Paired with leggings, loose-fit jeans, chinos, high-low skirts, harm pants.
2. Paired with flip flops
3. Worn with sneakers


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