When you think of working out – you somehow think of running first, right? Running has become the main form of exercise in this era – and everyone seems to be taking it to the next level.

With countless marathons available – it has become a new ‘trend’ if you can say it that way. Are you planning to get on the running bandwagon? If you are, then there are a few things you should keep in mind before you sprint off. As easy as running may seem – there are definitely some factors to consider.



1. Get the right shoes
Before you start on any mission to run – be sure that you’ve got the right kind of running shoes on. Not all sport shoes are running-worthy. So be sure to get shoes that can enduring running (you don’t want to be running in squash shoes, do you?)

2. Plan your route
If you’re planning to run outdoors – then plan your route accordingly. Know how you’ll be running. If it’s in a park, then tell yourself that you’re going to run two rounds (or how many rounds you think you’re capable of). Or if you’re running in your compound, then plan what kind of routes you want to take – a couple of uphill routes and flat road routes… It really depends on what you think you’re capable. If you’re running on a treadmill, then give yourself a specific time you want to hit, and at what incline.

3. Don’t push too hard
The biggest mistake a new runner can do is to over-kill their potential to run. When you plan it in your head, you think “Nah, it’s not that far” but when you do it, you realize you can’t do it and that leads to giving up. So give yourself goals that are realistic and the kind that you know you can reach.

4. Music is key
Get your iPod or MP3 player updated with the latest tracks that you know will keep you pumping through out your run. Everyone needs a “Running Playlist” at some point or another. Get songs that are up to beat so you can pace your run with the beat.

5. Breathing is important
Have you ever experiences that sudden pain in your gut (aka, a stitch)? It’s because you can’t letting the right amount of oxygen flow through. People tend to hold their breath when doing sports. But the key to running smoothly is to pace your breathing. Take deep but even breathes and you will realize that your energy and stamina will last longer through out your run.

6. Stretch Before and After
If you don’t want to wake up the next morning with sore muscles, then stretch away! In fact, if you don’t stretch, you might suffer from a sudden cramp while running – and nobody wants to experience that. Stretch the main part of your body muscles to ensure that your body is really to loosen up for your run. Stretching before your run is important to avoid any possible injuries and stretching after your run will loosen up those muscles from the tightness during your run. Both ways, it makes everything a little less sore the next day too. (But it still has to be rather sore to ensure your run was working)

7. Stay motivated 
Through out your run, stay motivated. It’s so easy to get distracted. Whether it’s a phone call, or the distance ahead. Telling yourself you’ve had enough means that you haven’t reached your potential. Keep running until you feel that burn – and only once you’ve reached your target, then you can stop. Always keep in mind why you are running – whether it’s for loosing weight or just general health, either way.


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