The pop diva Beyoncé Knowles is teaming up with Salma Hayek and Frida Giannini and launch a female empowerment campaign Chime For Change with the luxury brand Gucci. 

According to our source, the aim of the project is to promotes female equality and raise awareness in support of schemes or girls and women around the world. Through sharing stories about inspiring females,

“I have always felt strongly about equal opportunity for women. Girls have to be taught from early on that they are strong and capable of being anything they want to be,” Beyoncé explained to

Salma Hayek will formally announce the campaign at the TEDxWomen luncheon through short films she narrated with the new background music by Beyoncé. The clip features a series of short films that tell the stories from inspirational women.

“I am proud to be joining the growing international movement on behalf of girls and women around the world,” said the actress. She also believed that by working together they can change the course of history to ensure that girls and women are empowered to realise their potential and thrive.

Fashion label Gucci has a history of supporting women’s rights, including a seven-year collaboration with UNICEF to support girls’ education. The creative director of Gucci and fashion desinger, Frida Giannini explained that they have reached a significant moment in the history of girls’ and women’s empowerment and now is the time for change.

“I think it is essential for girls and women to see and celebrate what is possible. I hope that through Chime we can help the voices calling for change to become so loud that they cannot be ignored.” said the designer who is now pregnant with her first child.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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