How to Organize the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Friend

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Make a Guest List
The only way you can start organizing a party for your friend would be to know how many people you intend to invite, and who intend to show up. This should help you come up with options for party locations. If it’s not a surprise party, ask her who she’d like to be at the party so you don’t accidentally invite someone she hates. Nobody likes an unexpected surprise.

Pick in Theme
Believe it or not, themed parties can be awesome, especially if you want people to start mingling. Themes and costumes give people the opportunity to have a conversation, which makes the party more fun.

Plan the Catering
If it’s a casual party among friends, then low-key party food should be great. If it’s a little dinner party among friends, then you might want to opt for some decent food and enjoy it around the table. Unless if you’re expecting more than 10 people, then consider giving a caterer a call.

Don’t Stress it
If you can organize and plan everything accordingly, you can be sure that you’ll be able to relax. Once the guests start rolling in, pass them their drinks,direct them to the food table and introduce them to a group that’s already talking. Then sit back, and relax.

Don’t Forget the Cake
Remember that it’s not your birthday party, but your friends. So ask her what’s her favorite kind of cake is and make the order at least one week in advance. If you have guests with allergies, then it might be smart to prepare a similar cake that can cater to them.


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