Do you know what you’re eating? It’s easy to get lost in the realization of what you actually put into your body. Sometimes, we just eat whatever is infront of us, and we forget to realize that we need vitamins in our systems – we need to the good stuff to get our bodies in form. Here are some of the best foods with the most vitmans – so get munching!

1. Liver (aka Pâté)
The liver of any sort of animal is packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and is best prepared steamed or fried with a dose of onions and herbs. Containing a good amount of vitamin A for your body. It is said that turkey liver is the one that provides the most vitamin A out of them all. Just a single tablespoon of pâté can provide you with enough vitamin to go through your system.

2. Carrots
Carrots are another good source of vitamin A, but also other kinds of vitamins too. You can have carrots either cooked or just raw as a snack, depending on how much you like it. But the amount of nutrients in one carrot, be it a medium or a single baby carrot is just enough to keep your body circulating wit the write vitamins. In fact, on a side note – it is said that carrots can help to improve eye sight because of the dosage of vitamin A that is holds. 

3. Bran (Rice and Wheat)
If you’re looking for foods with the most vitamin B6, then crude rice and wheat bran is the way to go. It is important to eat whole foods like brown rice and whole wheat bread which still contains the bran to get the right nutrients that you need. Rice bran contains the most vitamin B6 of them all with about 4.0mg per 100g servings where as wheat bran contains 1.3mg per 100g serving.

4. Garlic (Raw)
Are you a garlic fan? If you’re not, you might want to learn how to be one. Raw garlic provides a lot of health benefits and is a great source for vitamin B6. You can use it for anything any everything. Whether it’s a salad dressing, or as a condiment – it’s just tasty on it’s own, and healthy.

5. Red & Green Hot Chili Peppers
If you’re into spices, then this a food that you should indulge in more. You can use red or green chili to spice everything up from soups, curries and even sauces. Green chillies have been said to contain more vitamin C than over foods. If you can get passed the spice, then you are doing your body some good.  Red chillies have up to 144mg of vitamin C with every 100g serving… That’s a good dose. So a chili a day, keeps the doctor away?



 6. Bell Peppers
A staple of all kinds of pasta sauces and pizza – the sweet bell pepper packs are high in vitamin C. But the amount of vitamin C really depends on the colour of the bell pepper – be it yellow, red or green. But out of them all, the yellow bell pepper holds the most vitamin C between them all.

 7. Fish
There are various types of fish who was different types of vitamins and minerals but majority of fish hold a good dose of vitamin D. Typically, raw fish contains more vitamin D than cooked and the fatty cuts will also contain more vitamins than the lean cuts. It is also said that fish that is canned in oil will have more vitamin D than those canned in water. But ofcourse, raw fish is usually eaten in the form of sushi.

8. Almonds
Almonds are best for snack time. But, it usually is eaten in a raw form but it can also be found as almond butter and almond – it really depends on your preference. It holds a great amount of vitamin E which is great for your skin, and if you are in hopes of weight loss  then it is also something that helps.

 9. Oranges
Oranges are known for the amount of vitamin C that it holds and it one of the most popular fruits in the world. The amount of antioxidants that an orange holds is pure goodness for your health. If you want to have it on its on, or as juice – either way, it gives you the same benefits.

10. Ginger
Ginger is usually used for ‘traditional’ dishes and though it has a pretty pungent taste, it holds a lot of health benefits  Apparently, ginger holds numerous therapeutic properties, including antioxidants effects and it has the ability to inhibit the formation of inflammatory compounds and direct anti-inflammatory effects.