When it comes to food, we all have bad habits – whether it’s indulging in junkfood while watching movies or just eating our emotions away. It’s all common issue that we can overcome.

Here are eight simple ways to get passed some of those bad eating habits!

1. Control your snacks
Are you the type of person who will always reach for something to nibble on while your doing work or even watching a show? If you are, then that’s a bad habit that is really hard to kick – but it’s not impossible. All you have to do is make sure your snacks are healthy. Throw out all those junk foods and replace it with everything healthy. Try to make sure the snacks are below 300 calories – then you’re on the right track. Nuts, cereal and fruits are some good snacks to have around you at all times.

2. Chew slow
Gobbling down you food isn’t going to digest it any faster – so take it easy. Chew your food slowly, and eat and slowly as possible. This way, your stomach can get used to the food. At the same time as chewing slow – be sure to have a sip of water in between meals.



3. Put your emotions away
Feelings angry? Sad? Depressed? Or just plain useless? Then stay away from the junk food cupboard! It’s a natural instinct to eat when you’re feeling off – but it’s not the best habit to have. When you eat on emotion, you tend to forget what you’re actually eating. Majority of the time, you’re not even hungry when you’re grabbing all these snacks – it’s your emotions that are hungry. Try to recognize that you are emotional and try to find another output. You can either go out for a run or call a friend – as long as you can stay away from the food.

4. Stay committed
Above all things, when it comes to eating, stay committed to your goals. Remind yourself each and every time  why it is important to avoid all these habits and tell yourself all the benefits it has. Once you make it a habit to stay away from bad habits, you will get used to it, and it will become second nature to you.

5. Eat sitting down
Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – try to sit down and eat. Sure, when you’re at home, it’s so comfortable, and all you want to do is turn on your favorite sitcom and watch it while eating – but you shouldn’t! Food is best digested sitting down and you tend chew your food better too. Eating shouldn’t be in a rush, so take it easy.

6. Eat away from your desk, computer, books, or TV
When you have to sit for a meal, are you the type who has to read or watch something? If you are, then it’s time to put it all away. Eating in front of the TV or while reading will distract you from what you’re actually putting into your mouth. You don’t realize you’re full as fast when you’re doing those things. So sit down and concentrate on your food – a few minutes away from that episode of ‘Suits’ isn’t going to hurt. If you can’t miss the show, eat a little later.

7. Don’t eat past 9pm
Once the clock hits 9pm, try not to touch those snacks or food. If you get hungry passed 9pm, just drink tea or milk. Kick this curb and you will see improvements in your health – not only with weight, but also with just feeling good in general.

8. Don’t order with your hunger
When you’re hungry, you tend to order more than you can actually eat – which is wrong. Because once every thing comes, you can never finish it but you also end up eating more than you should. So, when you are heading somewhere to eat, and you know you’re hungry, remind yourself of that feeling you get after stuffing yourself aimlessly… that should help.

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