Just like Romeo and Juliet for the literary world, there are also couples in romantic movies that we just can’t forget. Whether they end up together by the time the credit starts rolling, or the relationship meets a tragic end, we’ve chosen eight couples from eight different movies whose characters touch our hearts.

Take a look, and tell us what you think!



1. Jesse & Celine (played by Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy)
Movie: Before Sunrise/Before Sunset
An American backpacker Jesse meets a Paris-bound French student, Celine, on a train. He convinces her to spend one night in Vienna together with him before she continues with her journey. What’s interesting about this couple is their chemistry. This is probably one of the most real scenario to happen in reality. The conversations that they have – it’s really something that can happen to anyone. That’s what makes them so special. 



2. Patrick Verona & Kat Stratford (played by Heath Ledger & Julia Stiles)
Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
It’s your typical high school love story with a twist .The love-hate relationship they go through before actually getting together – it’s pretty adorable. Both characters are trying to be mature about the situation and trying to handle themselves in a egoistic manner – it’s fun to watch them through out the movie. 



3. Satine & Christian (played by Nicole Kidman & Ewan MacGregor)
Movies: Moulin Rouge
If you’re looking for the most romantic couple out there, it’s Satine and Christian. No words can describe the lengths that they go for each other. It’s pure and true… and pretty heartbreaking too. Watching them go through their obstacles while still trying and attempting to be happy together – it’s pretty heart warming.



4. Carrie Bradshaw & Mr Big (played by Sarah Jessica Parker & Chris Noth)
Movie: Sex & The City
When fashionistas talk about relationships, they talk about Carrie and Mr. Big. Their on-off relationship was the main thing that kept people peeled on the TV. It was only when the series became a movie, that you started to see the commitement that Mr.Big was willing to take for Carrie – planning the wedding and buying the apartment. Their relationship really gives you that sense that there is always someone for everyone out there.



5. Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman & Johnny Castle (played by Jennifer Gray & Patrick Swayze)
Movie: Dirty Dancing
When dancing and love are put together – you get the fire that is what Dirty Dancing is all about. The classic of all classics. This movie really shows the length a person is willing to go for someone they love. How they are willing to take the stand for others above their needs. That’s what a true relationship is all about. 


6. Edward Cullen & Bella Swan (played by Robert Pattinson & Krsiten Stewart)
Movie: The Twilight Saga
When a humans falls in love with a vampire, you know there is something romantic about that. You can’t help but feel for them. They want to be together but they cant… and it’s a continuos fight about that. Until the end, where Bella takes the leap for her love for Edward. You really feel the devotion there.

7. Sandy Olsen & Danny Zuko (played by Olivia Newton John & John Travolta
Movie: Grease
Danny Zuko is the cool one, the leader of the pack… and Sandy Olsen, isn’t just quiet there. But they have this summer fling which turns into a whirl of new things. Despite Danny being a douche, you still want these two to be together because of that chemistry that you can feel. In the end yes, they are together, and they make it work. But the fight to getting each other – it’s pretty impressive. The lengths that are taken to get each other… it keeps you on the edge of your seat. 



8. Jack Dawson & Rose DeWitt Bukater (played by Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet)
Movie: Titanic
It all starts when Rose considers jumping from of the edge of Titanic, Jack promptly rescues her – and you pretty much say that it’s love at first sight from then on. They love story between happens on the Titanic – and it is based on a true love story, so that’s when you start to realize how real it is. All the way until the end, where loss comes into hand. You can’t help but feel your heart drop to the floor. Jack and Rose are the type of couple you always want to route for.