Planning to try out a Brazilian wax? It can be a bit scary, especially if it’s your first time. But once you get passed the ‘first timmer’ fear, it’ll definitely be worth your time. 



Just to help you out, here are some things to keep in mind, if it is in fact your first waxing appointment, ever!

1. Make sure the place is leggit
Ask your friends where they go, and be sure you know the place is clean and neat. Since it is a senstive area, you want to make sure that the sanitiation is there. Also, if your friends are going to a certain place, you’ll feel a little more at ease knowning that your friends are okay with the place.

2. Hair should be at least one quater of an inch long
Before you make your appointment for your first waxing session – be sure that your pubic hair is no shorter than one quater of an inch long. This is because if it is any shorter, the wax wont be able to stick on properly so the results won’t be as good.

3. Two types of waxing: The Brazilian or The Hollywood
When you go in for a brazilian wax, you wil have two choices. You can either choose the ‘Hollywood’ which is also known as the landing strip, this is when you leave a little bit of hair along the pubic bone. The Brazilian is when you choose to go all off. Most women choose the all-off brazilian for the ‘full effect’.

4.  If you’re hair is too long, they might have to trim it
If your pubic hair is a little too long, the spa attendant might have to trim it a little before getting started with the waxing. Having it too long, will cause unnecessary pain.

5. Powder will be applied to the dry skin
Your spa attendant might add a little powder to the area that you are getting waxed. This is because the powder will help with the wax sticking on better and giving your a clearer and neat finish.

6. If it’s unbearable, tell the spa attendant
If you start to feel too much pain – don’t be afraid to tell the spa attendant. Once you tell her, she can stop in the area that does hurt and move on to other areas in the time being. After all, it is a sensitive area and only you know how much pain you can bare on your own. There’s no need to be shy!

7. Wear loose clothes
Try to wear loose clothing, preferably something of cotton material before you head over for your waxing appointment. This is for the comfort of the after part of your waxing session. Also, be sure the wear the right underwear. You don’t want to endure unnecessary friction. Also, don’t forget to keep the area moisturized for a good 48 hours with none scented creams.

8. Stay positive for the results
We’re not going to lie – it’s going to hurt. But, remind yourself why you’re doing this and also, think about the final product. Trust us, after you’re done, you’ll be back for a second round after 4-5 weeks. The results is what makes it worth while.


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