Fitness First Malaysia has announced the start of International Fitness Week 2013, a global initiative to raise awareness of the importance of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

From the 11th to the 17th of March 2013, a week-long calendar of activities is aimed at educating and encouraging Malaysians to get moving and kick start their health and fitness regime.

Managing Director of Fitness First Malaysia, Kurt Stocks, said: “International Fitness Week is and opportunity for people from all walks of life to start paying attention to how health and fitness can positively impact their lives. Our tagline “Get Moving’” is all about taking the first step towards a better lifestyle. Instead of driving to the shop which is just five minutes away from home, try walking. Or, rather than indulging in your usual teh tarik session, how about organising a weekly hiking session so you can get into a fun workout with your friends. It’s time for all Malaysians to take charge of their lives.”

In July 2012, a study conducted by the World Health Organisation published by The Lancet showed that 61.4% of Malaysians above 15 years old are physically inactive making Malaysia the 10th laziest country in the world and the laziest in ASEAN.

“Malaysia needs a change and we need to start to look into ways to educate and activate the population. With today’s lifestyle, finding reasons not to exercise can be an easy excuse but we hope to change this mentality through International Fitness Week.”

In conjunction with International Fitness Week 2013, Fitness First Malaysia has an exciting line-up of activities for member and non-members alike, ranging from your very own fitness assessment to Freestyle Training sessions.

Find out more at or visit your nearest Fitness First Club.

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