So, we assumed you already heard about the stylish yet cute ‘Menswear Dog’ in late January, don’t you? Well, it looks like the rest of the animals are jumping into the trend in suit and tie too!

The Barcelona based designer Yago Partal released a series of fun and compelling photos featuring various animals in the stylish trendiest outfit. From panda to rhinoceros to wolf and a whole lot more, Partal digitally manipulated the portraits of these animals in the fashionable outfit that hide their supposedly-naked body.

The prints are made available at Yago Partal’s site right now and the rest of his photo series can be purchase from the online store as well. Want to know how does the rest of animals looks like in their gentlemen ensembled outfits? Then check out the rest of the fashionable animals at Yago Partal’s site!

Meanwhile, here are some of our favourite animals in the menswear outfits!

Source: Highsnobette

Adrina Hoi
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