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Woman Fights with Valet Staff at Scott Garden in Kuala Lumpur

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A fight broke out at the valet area at Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur where a woman fought with the valet staff.

The entire incident, was of course recorded and uploaded on a one minute and 52 second video on YouTube. The video clearly shows the woman fighting with the valet staff and constantly coming back for more as they try to push her away.

Another man was also involved in the fight, although he stood aside in most of the video. The woman then provoked one of the staff, which led her to being slapped. This caused the man on the side to lunge at the valet staff. The people in the fight only fired up between the few valet staff and the man.

Check out the video here and share your thoughts:

Genevieve Nunis
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  • Vanessa

    If you ask me, while the valet guys should have handled the situation better, the woman asked for it. She was dumb enough to keep going back to provoke them. What good can come out of that?

  • MissNonsense

    The Valet crew should have acted like rational persons, call the RIGHT PERSONS to handle the situation. NOT GO AND BLOODY SLAP AND KICK A WOMAN, ON TOP OF THAT SHE’S A FOREIGNER, now how would it sound when she goes back and tell says “Malaysia is NOT A FRIENDLY PLACE TO VISIT” Although I don’t live in Malaysia, but how do you think we as potential “tourist” would want to visit the country again? Not to be siding with the foreigner, it’s win-win situation if it was handled properly… just my TWOCENTSworth.

  • Anonymous

    As seen clearly in the video, the guy with the girl was the one first hit by one of the valet staff, and that what made the girl to come in for more. Anyways, it is clearly the valet guy is the one that is dumb here to go hit a woman. He should have either leave the place or go handle it with the guy, the woman has nothing to do with it. She only went to hit him because obviously more than 2 guys were going on the guy.

  • John

    Mat Sallehs getting too much..

  • jojo

    If I was one of the onlookers, I’ll sneak in and take the ang moh out. OUT means out and away on a stretcher