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UPDATE: Mother Sacrifices Her Life for Daughter in Bukit Gasing



On a viral post on Facebook, friends of the deceased said that Madam Irene Ong was volunteering at a charity run at Gasing Hills when she was stabbed four times by two robbers on a motorbike who came from behind her and her daughter. Ong pushed her daughter to safety but was stabbed three times on her shoulder and once on her thigh. 

She died before they could send her to a hospital due to the lost of blood. Her last words were “I love you” to her daughter.

The late Madam Irene Ong’s homecoming and funeral will be helped at Gui Yan Crematorium (Modern Casket PJ), Kampung Tunku, in Petaling Jaya.

Source: Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign Facebook


There’s no denying just how far a mother would go to ensure the safety of her child. 52-year old Ong Ai Sam knew what her responsibility was when she and her daughter were attacked by two robbers while jogging at the Bukit Gasing trail yesterday.

Ong Ai Sam and her daughter were approached by two armed men with knives, wearing full-face helmets around 4.30pm yesterday. The suspects demanded they hand over their belongings, but Ong told her 17-year-old daughter to run for safety.


She blocked the two suspects as her daughter ran, but Ong’s life was not spared by the suspects.

Sources revealed that she was stabbed before escaping with her belongings. When Ong’s daughter returned to the scene with another woman, she found her mother lying in a pool of blood.

Ong was rushed to University Malaya Medical Centre, but died on the way there 20 minutes later.  Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamad suspects that the motive was murder. “We hope to identify the suspects soon with the assistance of the victim’s daughter and anyone who might have seen the incident”, said Mohamad.

The police are collecting CCTV footage from nearby houses. We’ll update you with further information on this story.

UPDATE: Daughter speaks of the incident

UPDATE: Four suspects caught in connection with Bukit Gasing murder

Source: The Star, New Straits Times

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