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Suspects Arrested for Ong Ai Sam’s Murder at Bukit Gasing


Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisah Tun Hamzah has confirmed that four people have been arrested in connection to the murder of Madam Ong Ai Sam.

Madam Ong was stabbed to death on Saturday at Bukit Gasing after voluteering for a charity run, and was with her daughter, Chin Hui Wei, when two men on a motorbike attacked her with a knife. As the area was deserted, Ong shouted to her daughter to flee to safety. Further down the hill, Hui Wei managed to stop a passing car, and the driver, Mr Lai, assisted her in calling the police and ambulance. Madam Ong was brought to University Malaya Medical Centre, but had succumbed to her wounds. The deceased’s daughter, Chin Hui Wei who is a student at SMK (P) Sri Aman has since released a blogpost about the tragic incident.

The suspects were caught early this morning at Flat Sri Medan and Flat Bukit Gasing Indah, and are aged between 16 and 18.





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