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20 Finalists of Miss Korea 2013 Share the Same Face


“Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face”, said netizen ShenTheWise.

The obsession with plastic surgery in South Korea is becoming a lot more apparent now that a group of aspiring beauty queens of the Miss Korea 2013 looked remarkably similar to one another.

It started with an image posted on Reddit – a collage of all twenty finalists of the Miss Korea 2013 that soon criticized the Asian nation’s obsession with going under the knife. According to recent figures, South Koreans currently have more plastic surgery than in any other country, and is particularly popular among 19 to 49-year-olds.

According to a 2012 report by The Economist, the United States ranks highest in terms of the total number of plastic surgeries performed in the past few years, however South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita.


The women here seem to share the same features – a narrow nose, wide eyes and a pointed chin. One of the most common procedures in South Korea is the double eyelid surgery, where the excess skin in the upper eyelid is reduced to make the eyes look bigger, making them look more ‘Western’.

Reddit users have taken the internet portal to share their opinions:

“I live in Korea, and older women complain how girls don’t look Korean anymore because of all the plastic surgery. It’s so common to the point if I meet a girl, I just assume she has had something done. Girl’s here consider eye surgery just like using makeup”. – forever traveling

“Without plastic surgery, Korean women are very diverse looking can easily told apart. The surgery takes away their individuality and uniqueness and it’s sad”. – HotBrownie

The users make a fine point about understanding this dilemma among women. A major change is needed in what defines beauty. Your hair, your nose, how your eyelids should not be the statement that makes you beautiful. Shouldn’t your personality, compassion and intelligence make it such?


Source: Daily Mail, IBTimes

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