Many of us might have negative perceptions for people who pole dance in the real world. Mainly because it’s associated to the sex industry, but in actuality, it’s a tough job! Pole dancing requires a lot of strength in both arms and legs to stable yourself by hanging from the pole. Moreover, they still need to do multiple stunts which are almost an impossible tasks for most of the girls, even boys. We found female celebrities who have actually pole danced just for their film roles.

Emma Watson

Remembered for being the sweet and brainy Hermoine, the former Harry Potter starlet swapped her magic wand for a stripper’s pole. Recently she played a the role of Nicki, a fame-obsessed tennager in Sofia Coppola’s upcoming film, “The Bling Ring”. This movie was inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

emma watson pole dancing

 Image: Screenshot from the movie “The Bling Ring”

Kristen Stewart

Kristen took up pole dancing lesson to ensure that her scenes as Allison (alias Mallory), a 16-year-old sex worker in the film “Welcome to the Rileys” more believable. This film is about on a business trip to New Orleans, a damaged man seeks salvation by caring for a wayward young woman, directed by Jake Scott, starring James Gandolfini. She showed her professionalism to fit in her movie role as a sex worker. “I learned how to pole dance even though you only see it for a second in the film,” said Stewart.

LeKinkyTwilighters_WTTRsBlueRay 03077

Image: Screenshot from the movie “Welcome to the Rileys”

Jennifer Aniston

Who would have thought Jennifer Aniston has amazing pole dancing skills? Emma Robertswho co-stars with Aniston in the upcoming comedy  “We’re the Millers”, knows firsthand just how sexy the Friends actress’ stripper moves are in the movie. “She’s really good, I saw bits and pieces of it and she is amazing.”

On a scale of 1 to 10? “(She’s) like a 20,” Robert said. In the movie, Aniston plays a stripper wife alongside Jason Sudeikis and Robert Plays their pretend daughter. (Source)



Jessica Biel

Biel unleashed her wild side on the pole as sexy stripper in the 2009 film, “Powder Blue”. According to her dance trainer Cati Jean, she was a natural on the pole and she could be a professional (pole) dancer if she wanted to. “Jessica is so good and so focused. She has the beauty element, she has the body – she has all the package that you want in a professional dancer,” the coach added.


Image: Screenshot from the movie Powder Blue

Carmen Electra

With multiple stints as a burlesque dancer, she actually has her own line of sexy fitness videos and her very own pole dancing kit released in Janury 2008, Electra Pole. Electra knows a lot about sex appeal and how to ooze sensuality. With her super-toned features, she is more than enough inspiration for her fans to rush out to get her next workout installment. Electra’s professional dancing skills also makes her appeared as a special guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance Season 8.