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How to Reuse and Recycle Expired Beauty Products



We just can’t stop paying for beauty products to follow the cosmetics, skincare or hair trends. Sometimes, looking around my make-up and beauty loot, we’re bound to find a few expired ones, and we’re certain we’re not alone. But just because it’s passed its expiration date, it doesn’t mean you still can’t use it. It’s a simple matter of observing the smell, color and texture of the product. 

So before you ditch your beauty products into the trash can, here are some tips on how you can reuse them without getting an infection!

Eye Shadow
Eyeshadow can last up to 2 years as long as you replace your shadow brushes. If you feel that you don’t want to use that particular eye color anymore, reuse your shadow colour and make your own nail polish colour. DIY Make Your Own Nail Polish Colour. You can even create your own lip colour as well. DIY: How to Make Your Own Lip Color

Facial Toner
The refreshing toner is meant to double-cleanse our face after after washing, and of course it contains a certain degree of alchohol. Use your expired toners to clean your housewares like your mirrors, desks, tiles and range-hood in the kitchen. Use a moisturizing toner to clean leather goods like handbags and shoes for longer protection. However, don’t use the whitening based products on it. Source



There are several ways to reuse your lipsticks. You can either mix your lipstick colour with a Vaseline or lip balm to create a tinted lip balm, or add a little bit transparent lip gloss and make a new one with colour. If you accidentally broke your lipstick, just set it with hands and keep it in the freezer or refridge for a couple of hours and it’ll become a new one. Source

Hair Shampoo
If you’re one to buy a new bottle of shampoo every now an then, you can reuse your old bottles of shampoo too! Maybe you already know the trick that hair shampoo can be used to wash wool dresses and cashmere. We can even wash our lingeries or lacy hipsters beause hair shampoo isn’t as strong as regular detergent. They’re just like your brand new softener and it smells good!

If you’re afraid your old perfumes will give you a rash from hell, just spray it in your bathroom and car as a deodorant or air freshener. If you use a piece of cotton with a few drops of perfume to wipe your lamps as it can also spread the fragrance through the heat. Source

Do you have any tricks of your own? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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