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Last year creative director of Chanel, the one and only Karl Lagerfeld described Grammy-winning as being “a little too fat.” Followed closely by a huge load of backlash from fans of the singer, including  Madonna! But, Lagerfeld apologised.



However based on a recent interview with CNN, he does not seem remorseful of his comments on Adele’s body. In fact however, it seems that he believes he has maybe even done her a favour. Karl backtracks and says he never used the word “fat” but in stead said she was “a little roundish”.

He justifies this statement afterwards by pointing out how since the first comment was made the singer has lost eight kilos and adds “so I think the message was not that bad.” He was then asked if he ever regrets anything he says and his answer was “not really.”

“I never said that she was fat. I said that she was a little roundish; a little roundish is not fat. But for such a beautiful girl, after that she lost eight kilos [17.6 pounds] so I think the message was not that bad.”

Do you think this all sounds backhanded or do you think he genuinely meant no harm?