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You’re willing to do a lot of things when you’re in love? But what if you’re heart-broken?

Infidelity in marriage is a fairly common thing in society, and while it’s something a lot of married couples go through, some aren’t able to cope with the pain. When this man found out that his wife has cheated on him, he decides to expose his wife’s infidelity with the rest of world in a blog called My Cheating Wife“.

The heart-broken man exposes the text messages his wife exchanges with her new partner, including the nasty ones about leaving stains on the car seat (eek). The married couple also have a daughter together, but his wife has apparently cheated on him for such a long time that his daughter isn’t even biologically his. The poor guy.

“My wife has been cheating on me for sometime and I have always looked the other way.  Simply because I loved her a lot.

But things have been getting out of hand recently.  I have totally awaken from my slumber and now I am going to basically present to the world what type of woman I married.

I really don’t care anymore because I need to gain my sanity back.  I know by doing all these, I will be headed towards divorce.  But since my wife has been cheating all this while, there is really no use in trying to save this marriage.

I would like you as a spectator at home to see how I expose my wife of her infidelity.”

What’s even more interesting, is that the man’s cheating wife also knows the blog exists. She’s apparently begged for him to take the site down because she feels ashamed.


Do you think this is a smart thing to do to seek revenge on a cheating partner? Have a look at the website and tell us what you think.



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