One night stands may not be for everyone, but there are a lot of women who do enjoy the idea of no-frills sex. Its common for women to start thinking that a one night together might be a start to something beautiful, but you might be wrong.
One night stands are not as glamorous as portrayed in Sex and the City and quite frankly, it gets a little tricky. Here are a few tricks to help you survive the night like a champ without getting your feelings jeopardized.

Come Protected
Nothing trivial about that bit. If you’re going out with the intention to “get some”, it’s best to carry a condom or two in your purse. Even if you’re not expecting for anything to happen, why risk an unwanted pregnancy or an infection down there. So think smart and be prepared for situations like this.

Keep Your Feelings on Hold
One night stands are one night stands. They rarely ever turn into relationships, so if you’re expecting something to come out of it, you might as well call it off.  A man will not see you as his life partner when the first order of business is to get down and dirty, while there some guys who make the exception.

Talk About it First
If you’re going to have a one night stand, at least do it with a guy who respects you enough to have “the talk” before or after taking the plunge. Unless you’re drunk to the point of no return, at least assure him and yourself that it’s just a playground activity

Carry an Emergency Beauty Kit
You don’t ever want to look like you just got off a running field when the night’s over, so slot a little pouch in your purse that contains some moisturizing facial wipes, a bottle of mouth wash and a blusher. At the same time, a spare pair of underwear and a little clothing might help you nail that walk of shame.

Do the Unthinkable
One night stands are a chance for you explore a little more about your sexuality apart from all those solo adventures you have in the privacy of your bedroom. At least initiate a couple of things that you might light and suggest them to your partner. If you’re going to make it a one night stand, at least make it worth your time.

Pull an All-Nighter
Yes, spend the entire night up in a frenzy of hot sweat and moans. You may not know if you’re ever going to see the hottie again, so we wouldn’t recommend going home without feeling any satisfaction. Take down a few cans of Red Bull and make the most out of your night together.


Genevieve Nunis
If not comatose in bed watching Netflix, Genevieve (or Evie) is dressed to the nines sipping Gin-Tonics and devouring soup dumplings in a dodgy Chinese restaurant.