Forget the regular necessities – keys, cellphones and purse; because we know it’s a definite must-have when you’re on the go. Girls unlike boys, they can’t go out without a bag to house a myriad of objects like tablets, make-up, etc.  –  and that’s why you can see many of us carrying tote bags!

We’re all trained to expect emergencies, like Aunt Flow’s visit, when it rains, or when you have a last-minute party with the girls you need to look fresh! But since we generally have those products in our bags, it’s about time we told you the other six essential handbag must-haves that could potentially save you from embarrassment or danger.

Sanitary Pads / Pantyliner
Aunt Flow’s visit is never happy one. Remember to prepare some pads or tampons in your bag when you think your menstrual cycle is coming soon. And all that is not only for you, but to help your girlfriends out too.

Some of us might be super clumsy that we end up injuring ourselves. Band-aid don’t only help treat your cuts and grazes, but you can also conceal the blisters on your feet with Band-Aids!

There’s nothing worse than having bad breath. A box of minty gums or candy can help you control your bad breath after a meal, and especially after something rich with garlic. Keep a small pack of mints in your bag so you can easy reach out for a smooch with your man after lunch!

Only girls know the pain that menstrual cramps brings! It’s like a nightmare for all of us and it’s especially worse in your first few days. Save a strip of Ponstan or Neurofen in your bag to give you quick relief.  Four Ways to Beat Menstrual Cramps

Power bank
It’s official – we all can’t live without our smartphones and tablets. Why else would the Power bank be sold in IT stores? We spend our waking hours on Instagram and Facebook that it drains our smartphones dry. Get yourself a fully-charged power bank so you can continue doing what you do without having to worry where you can find a plug to charge your phone. 7 Must-Have iPhone and Android Apps for Women

Pepper Spray
We live in a day and age that’s no long safe for women anymore. You never know who might be following you wherever you go, so it’s best to keep a little tube of pepper spray in your bag to help keep you safe in case you feel threatened.  10 Safety Tips for Women in Malaysia