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Masturbation is an important step in sexual development for human beings, especially for women.

Sadly, a number of women are still unaware about their body parts, especially the genital region. And the best way to really learn about your body is of course, masturbation.

Tina Gong aims to rebrand the entire concept of female masturbation through education and light-hearted games, and therefore created the app, HappyPlayTime.

The app is currently in development to teach female anatomy to provide lessons on masturbation through a number of mini games; all decked out in a fleshy, pink tone, and a mascot that’s a gleeful personification of a vagina.


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According to Tina, teaching a woman about her anatomy can seem a little too serious and of course, embarrassing. But with the help of something intimate, a woman would be able to approach the topic in their own privacy and learn a few more things about their body without having to share it with the world. HappyPlayTime hopes to eliminate the cultural stigma and makes it difficult for women to become truly sexually liberated.

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