How do you lose 110 kg? Join a television show!

30-year-old Erica went from 190kg to 77kg after receiving help from a television show. On a popular Japanese television show, Erica revealed that she used to be only 55kg, but she gained the massive amount of weight due to a failed relationship. Her weight increased to 190kg in 13 years.

She said that she was physically and mentality abused by ex-boyfriend, and took to consuming copious amounts of food to cope. Once she accepted help from a famous Japanese television show, her weight-loss journey began. Amazingly, she lost 65kg in just five months and was 96kg in just a year. According to the programme, she lost the weight through a combination of spa therapy such as massages, dietary changes and exercises.

“I feel that fat or thin, I am still not happy,” she said.

However, the weight-loss program layers of fat surrounding her waist. Erica is now left with large swaths of excess skin hanging down from her waist, arms and thighs. The television show helped her arrange for an operation to remove the excess skin from her belly, under her arms, thighs and chin. 6kg of skin was removed from her body in an 8 hours operation. Source



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