The state government of Penang has launched their “UBAH” (change) mascot in the form of a floating hornbill.

The “Water UBAH” costs RM 60,000 and it’s fully funded by the DAP political party supporters and sponsors. The UBAH hornbill took about two months to complete and was inspired by the giant floating Rubber Duck in Hong Kong that went viral worldwide.

The floating hornbill can be found at the IJM Promenade, Bandar Sri Pinang, Penang Island.


The UBAH hornbill stands at 25ft tall and 26ft wide, and is made from high quality PVC. It weighs approximately 250kg.

If you wish to snap a few shots of the “Water UBAH”, do it before 31st August 2013 because that’s when it’ll “float” away.



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