We’ve tried to keep this boutique a secret to ourselves, but we’re doing the world some good to share it with the world. This week, we’re featuring a cute little boutique nestled in the concrete maze that is Berjaya Times Square. Gather your wallets and check out our boutique of the week – Gino Dzine.

Gino Dzine caters a lot for girls who enjoy wearing skirts, dresses and gowns. Although it’s only a temporary kiosk in Berjaya Times Square, Gino Dzine stands out with their cute skirts and dresses that sell like hot cakes!



Gino Dzine was started by two young men, Daniel and Gino. They’ve been running their kiosk at Berjaya Times Square for nine months now, and they have plans to open a whole boutique in the same mall. They also plan to expand their business by selling their products online.

The brand caters to women from ages 16 all the way to late 40s. A lot of their skirts are basic staples that can easily go well with the tops you have in your closet. The skirts come in a variety of designs and colors and they’re really too cute to give up. Their gowns are also worth looking at as they’re designed specifically to accentuate your figure. Moreover, the colors these gowns come in will also help you stand out from the crowd!

If you have your eye on one of the gowns, we highly recommend buying it as they only come in limited numbers. We’re also vouching for the quality of these designs as they’re unlike any ordinary manufactured gowns.



As for the prices, these cute skirts are available at RM35 each, knee-dresses from RM39 onwards, and gowns go from RM180 onwards. Honestly, there’s nothing more you could ask for – affordable, chic and stylish.

Gino Dzine
Address: PC (04)-02, 4th Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm Daily