Image: The Star
Image: The Star

It’s been one crazy month for sex bloggers Alvin and Vivian. First, a “joke” of theirs landed them in hot soup with netizens, they were charged under the Sedition act, sent to jail with no bail, and just yesterday, things took a positive turn and the High Court judge reassessed their charges and they were granted bail. Their RM30,000 bail was posted yesterday by Alvin’s mother.

After spending a whole week at the Sungai Buloh prison and all Alvin could say was “not bad”.

Alvin signed the bail papers for his release today at the Jalan Duta courts. He didn’t say much, but he was smirking at reporters and bystanders as her arrived at the court house in handcuffs after he was released. Vivian walked behind Alvin, covering her face behind her hair.

Their lawyer, Chong Ju Tien, ushered the couple into waiting cars and they drove off separately. He said they were “happy to be out”.

“They need time to rest. We’ll take it from here,” he told reporters.

On top of the bail, Judge Datuk Mohd Azman Husin imposed four conditions – that they surrender their passports, prohibited from uploading pornographic material, and using seditious words on the internet. They were also forbidden from using network communication devices, and were ordered to report to the nearest local police station once a month. [Source]

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