The Lipstiq Summer Party is drawing near and we were impressed by all the outfit suggestions our readers gave us! For those of you who did receive the invites, congratulations for winning them and we can’t wait to see you this Saturday.

Some of you may probably be wondering what to wear this Saturday, so we’re giving you some ideas on what to wear to the Lipstiq Summer Party, and any upcoming summer parties in your agenda. The key is to keep it comfortable, breathable and easy!

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We’re going back to the simplest form of casual – a trusty tank-top and denim shorts. A look that can never go wrong, it’s also a fuss-free outfit that’ll let you roam free and easy! Grab a colored tank, bright flip flops and even a floral headband for a more, sweet summer feel!

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It’s not a bad idea to go for a simple look with a touch of glamor. Opt for a tropical feel by combining green and a few hints of gold to your outfit. Simplicity is key, so go for a clean, white dress and pair it up with simple green accessories!

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Who wouldn’t want to take a dip at a pool party? Come dressed in your best swimsuit and top it off with a pretty beach dress or wrap. Keep it sweet, cool and feminine with pastel shades. Don’t forget a hat to cool off!

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If you really want to dress to impress, then a floral maxi can’t go wrong! Go on full diva mode with some shiny accessories like a gold clutch, platform espadrilles with silvery details, and big floppy hat to block away those harmful UV rays!

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Playful and sweet will no go wrong for a pool party. Grab a bright-colored playsuit and pair it with your basic accessories. Throw in a flower crown to give it a touch of fabulosity!

Genevieve Nunis
If not comatose in bed watching Netflix, Genevieve (or Evie) is dressed to the nines sipping Gin-Tonics and devouring soup dumplings in a dodgy Chinese restaurant.