What do you get when you combine the artistic talent of a a huge pop sensation with the legendary King of Pop? That piece of work is called “Slave to the Rythm“.

The original MJ solo track was leaked shortly after his death in year 2010 and it leaked once again after remixed by Bieber to the Internet last Friday.

However, it’s unclear whether the song was an intended collaboration or a fan-produced jam because of the addition of a heavier dance beat and Justin’s vocals. But what we know about him is Justin’s full support of the song.

Justin Bieber's Official Tweeter
Justin Bieber’s Official Twitter

The 19-year-old tweeted “He set the bar high,” along with a split pic of Justin and MJ performing in front of massive crowds.

Listen to this new version of “Slave to the Rhythm” and let us know what you think. (Source)