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Girl Performs Oral Sex at Eminem Concert Becomes Instant Meme


A 17-year-old girl in Slane Castle, Ireland made a bold move at an Eminem concert by performing oral sex on two different male concert attendees. The acts was unfortunately caught on camera by a passerby and now the photo has gone viral over the internet with the degrading hashtag “#slanegirl”.

Slut-shaming jokes commenced shortly after the image went viral, however the Daily Mail reported that the police are currently investigating the disturbing incident as the circulation of the photo can amount to child pornography as the girl is under the age of 18.

The photo shows the teenage girl performing oral sex on a man wearing a green hat at the grounds of Slane Castle, where rapper Eminem was performing.


The internet has taken the girl’s action too kindly and even internet users have said the girl ‘has only herself to blame, out in the open surrounded by people with camera phones. What did she expect.’

The victim is now currently in hospital, believed to have been sedated as she was apparently left distressed and embarrassed from the incident. [Source]

Do you think this girl deserves to be shamed for being a little amorous? Or do you reckon she asked for what she’s getting? Share your thoughts.

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