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An attack on a Chinese boy from the ShanXi province led to speculations of an organ trafficking gang being behind this case that happened early this week.

Both eyes of a six-year-old boy, Bin Bin were gouged out by organ traffickers in ShanXi province, China on Monday evening. It is believed that the eyes were supposed to be sold in the black market.

Bin Bin was playing outside when he went missing. Three to four hours later, his family found him covered by blood and crying in pain. The eyes were found nearby without the corneas. It was believed that the boy was drugged during the gouging process.

“We didn’t notice his eyes were gone when we discovered him – he had blood all over his face. We thought he had fallen down and smashed his face.” said Bin Bin’s father.

China Central Television reported he had been drugged and ‘lost consciousness’ before the attacker removed his eyes. The kidnappers had reportedly told Binbin: ‘Don’t cry and I won’t gouge out your eyes.’

The police in China are now seeking a female suspect and have offered bounty rewards for information.

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Watch the video of Bin Bin at the hospital here: