Too late for lunch or too early for dinner, but you want something light to eat in between shopping? Sometimes we just need to satisfy our stomachs with small bites, especially after a few hours at Mid Valley Megamall. Whether sandwiches or pretzels, here’s a list of snacks, pastries and sandwiches available at Mid Valley Megamall.


Aeon Snack Street   |   Level LG, North Court
A selection of Asian delights where’s you can eat rendang beef and chicken at affordable prices. Takoyaki by Tao is one of the favourite snacks among youngsters in Mid Valley Megamall for only RM4.90!


akachan no hoppe   |   TK-04, Third Floor
Sumptuosly creamy, fresh and soft mochis with variety flavours. Serving fresh Japanese mochi snacks for only RM3.00 per piece.

Lipstiq_Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne’s   |   LG-037, Lower Ground Floor
Everybody knows Auntie Anne’s pretzels! Get the original one with butter for only RM2.90. Cinnamon Sugar is also one of the best-selling flavoured pretzel.


Baum by Komugi  |  LG030, Lower Ground Floor
Under the same Japanese bakery outlet by Komugi, you’ve got to try their best selling “Soft Baum”, a multi-layered cake for RM23.90.

Lipstiq_Beard Papa's

Beard Papa’s  |  LG-007, Lower Ground Floor
Grab the fluffiest puff at Beard Papa’s with a variety of flavours including the classic vanilla and green tea flavour. Enjoy 10% discount if you purchase half dozen of cream puffs at one go.

Lipstiq_Bread Talk

Bread Talk  |  LG062, Lower Ground Floor
One of our personal favourites at Bread Talk is the chicken floss bun. Apart from that, this bakery also has a variety of breaded bites and cakes.


Delifrance  |  LG-052, Lower Ground Floor
Not only famous for its pastries, Delifrance also offers custom picks of sandwiches in different breads like panini or wraps.


Dunkin Donuts   |   LGK-06, Lower Ground Floor
Do you have a sweet tooth? Then grab a donut from Dunkin Donuts. They have more than twenty different flavours for you to choose from.


Famous Amos   |   LGK-01, Lower Ground Floor
We believe you’ll definitely smell their cookies before you reach their kiosk! Their famous butterscotch cookies or classic chocolate chip cookies come in a minimum pack of 100gm.


Hot n’ Roll  |  LGK-02, Lower Ground Floor
Enjoy the most delicious crispy roll for as low as RM5.90 with different stuffings such as ham and chicken inside. Or you may choose roti prata as your main orders as well.


Komugi   |   LG-078, Lower Ground Floor
Komugi bakery is famous for their handmade Fuwa-fuwa cream bun (RM3.50), but it’s hard to get your hands on them as they come in limited quantities every day. Served only twice a day, you’d have to be lucky to be able to purchase one! Or else you can also try other Japanese bakery delights there.

Lipstiq_Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee  |  FK-07, First Floor
Take a break with donuts and coffee after hours of shopping and sit by the bar located right behind of the serving counter.


La Boheme, Aeon   |   Lower Ground Floor
La Boheme opens pretty early to cater to the offices around Mid Valley City, and it offers quite a huge variety of sandwiches, pastries and more. You’ll never see a short queue because the prices start from as low as RM0.90!


Lavender Bakery   |   LG-043A, Lower Ground Floor
Have you tried their famous Ham and Chicken Floss Sandwich (RM3.60) ? You may also opt for their delicious cakes and desserts too.

Lipstiq_Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean   |   Lower Ground Floor
You have to check out this new kiosk if you’re a soy-milk lover. Not only do they sell their own soy drinks, they’ve also come out with their own soya pancake! (RM3.00 per piece)


Mr. Siew Bao   |   F-029, First Floor
Siew Bao is a traditional chinese snack made of roasted char-siew chicken wrapped in a crispy bun. Get a few mini siew-bao from the store for only RM0.60 each.


Nelson’s   |   LGK-05, Lower Ground Floor
Nelson’s caters to those looking for simple snacks. Apart from beverages, you can get ice cream, waffles or corn here.

Lipstiq_Nyonya Kueh

LuLu Nyonya Kueh   |   Lower Ground Floor
LuLu sells original nyonya kueh at a reasonable price. Pick your own choice of either kuih talam, kuih lapis or curry puff.

Lipstiq_Planet Popcorn

Planet Popcorn   |   LGK-03, Lower Ground Floor
Who says you can only get popcorns in the cinema? Planet Popcorn kiosk offers a variety flavours, from caramel to wasabi.


Sister’s Crispy Popiah   |   Lower Ground Floor
Grab the eggroll (RM3.20) or crispy popiah if you don’t feel like eating something heavy. It has veggies, beansprouts, scrambled eggs and other healthy veggies in a roll!


Rotiboy   |   F-028B, First Floor
Rotiboy has finally formulated their very own locally-made Mexico Bun nationwide! You’ll never forget the taste of their Rotiboy bun once you’ve tried it for the first time. (RM2.30)

Lipstiq_Tads by 1901

TAD’s by 1901   |   LG-041, Lower Ground Floor
Remember 1901 hotdogs? You can still eat their beef and chicken hotdog buns. Purchase their newly-launched Jumbo Weiner for only (RM11.90) if the original size doesn’t fill up your tummy.