Need to liberate yourself sexually? Or to casually find Mr. Right Now ..or Ms. Right Now? There’s an app for that!

PURE is a mobile location-based hookup service catered to both men and women, and all sexual orientations, but skewering it to appeal to women. In a press release, PURE is “liberating” and “about giving women freedom and choice”. It’s “the application that many women have dreamed of, but never asked for it”.

“For women who feel constrained by society’s stricture to be chaste and monogamous, Pure lets them break the bonds as often or occasionally as they choose.”


The app, currently waiting iTunes App Store approval, allows users to request like-minded partners based on location. Simply indicate your desired partner, and nearby potentials will pop up. When you both click to say you’re interested, you’re shown geo-coordinates and are allowed to chat and see where the night takes you.

PURE aims to make hooking up classy, and founders say that the app bands nudity and adheres to the iOS terms of service. Co-founder Roman Sidorenko says he wants to strip away the formalities that come along with online dating.

” I used to be an active user of different dating sites and I was always bored with the idea that you need to talk with people to understand what they are up to right now.

“I hated all the endless chatting that was going on [in other apps]. With Pure, we want to make  this as instant as possible. Like getting a cab,” Sidorenko said. [Source]


He also added a fairly progressive statement when it came to love, romance and being sexually adventurous: “In our twenties, we realized the traditional monogamy fairytale wasn’t really working for us. “Monogamy isn’t the only way to achieve happiness — we believe it’s outdated.” [Source]

As seedy as PURE might sound, the app is actually endorsed by respected US author, sociologist and sexologist, Carol Queen. She is also the founding director at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco. [Source]


The founding members of PURE supports the principles of the sex-positive movement, hoping to promote and embrace open sexuality. Their manifesto boasts: “Some people are looking for just one partner, while others want to explore and enjoy. It’s your choice, and Pure helps you act on it!”

To get your invite for PURE when it finally gets approved by the iTunes App Store, click here.

Watch the PURE promo film here:



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