A 24-year-old woman working at a cybercafe in Terengganu was raped by a customer!

According to Terengganu CID Chief ACP K. Manoharan, the woman had just opened the shop at noon last month, when a man in his 40s walked in and requested to use one of the computers.

As the woman ushered the man to a computer booth, he then took out a knife, pointed it at her and forced her to be silent. Fearing for her life, she kept quiet and cooperated.

The Star Online
The Star Online

The offender then tied the victim up and placed a piece of tape across her mouth and raped her for approximately 10 minutes. He also left the location with her mobile phone, money and jewelry, and cash from the register.

Fortunately, the police were able to produce a photofit of the suspect. The victim recognizes the offender and was able to describe him well since he’s visited the cybercafe numerous times to buy mobile reload cards.

The suspect, believed to be a fair-skinned foreigner, also has a huge tattoo of a centipede on his left thigh, and a tattoo of a foreign handwriting on his left arm. [Source]

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