Now that the price of both RON95 and RON95 petrol have increased up to 20 and 15 sen respectively, it’s time to think twice about taking your car out for a drive! We think it’s extremely important to live green and save whatever fossil fuels we have left for the future, so we’re sharing ways to help you use every drop of your petrol to get your penny worth, and to conserve it so you can save more!

1. Carpool
Carpooling can be a little inconvenient at times – you have to get up early and you have to make a lot of detours, but those detours won’t really cause your fuel to run. Get your friends to chip in a small amount every week. That way, everyone saves a lot when fuel’s concerned, and everyone can travel to work safe!

2. Watch your speed
Reducing your speed limit is one of the most effect ways to increase fuel efficiency. The higher your speed, the more fuel your car consumes. So, slow down, relax and enjoy the drive.

3. Always check your tyre pressure
Your tires lose pressure over time due to temperature and road conditions that cause severe impact. Yes, those pot holes and road bumps are the culprits! Always make sure your tyre pressure is up to the required standards of the vehicle because low pressure will have more rolling resistance, increasing your fuel consumption.

4. Accelerate with consistence and moderation
Do you often speed randomly? If you accelerate your speed really fast and often, you’re increasing your consumption of fuel. Drive at moderate and safe speeds so you can use your brakes less often to save fuel. Drive at a slow speed in residential areas so you hardly have to hit the brakes when driving over a bump.

5. Park in the shade
Apart from keeping your car cool, parking your vehicle under a shaded areas allows your car to cool down faster, which means you won’t have to leave the engine running when it cools down. If you can’t find one, just open the doors and allow the air in the car to ventilate first.

6. Spring-clean your car
Is your car stocked with heavy boxes filled with stuff you don’t use? If you do, remove all that excess weight! 50kg of extra load in your car increases your vehicle’s fuel consumption by up to 2%! So, start de-cluttering!

7. Maintain your engine
An important step to saving fuel is to ensure that your car, and the engine is in good condition. Get it checked up every 2 or 3 months. Check the lubricants, handbrakes, clutch, and clean out the air filters so that it doesn’t block the path of air to the engine. This reduces the mileage and performance of your car.


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