There is no way we can refuse one of fall’s biggest trends this year after the world-renown shoe mogul Jimmy Choo made it extremely clear when he introduced this magical yet absolutely dreamy pair of sandals in his 2013 Spring Collection. These babies were a love at first sight for us and if you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about tassels; literally, pendants of bundled up fringes that seem perfect in the form of jewellery, shoes or any article of clothing for that matter. With all that being said, we’ve come up with a simple tassel necklace that would make the perfect statement to dress up your outfit, be it day or night.


Here’s how to make it!


You need: Embroidery thread, a piece of cardboard measuring 4.5 cm in length, scissors, jump rings, necklace chain, lobster clasp, wire cutters and jewellery pliers

collage 1

Step 1: To make your tassels, wrap the embroidery thread around the piece of cardboard about 25 times and snip the excess off.

tie knot

Step 2: Then string a piece of thread of the same colour through the top loop and tie a double knot to secure it.


Step 3: Slowly remove your bundle of thread from the piece of cardboard and insert a pencil through the loop.


Step 4: Take a longer piece of thread and tie around the top half of the tassel right after the pencil. Loop the thread around the tassel then tie a knot to secure it.


Step 5: Remove the pencil and snip through the loop of threads to complete your tassel.


Step 6: Attach your tassel pendants to the necklace chain with jump rings and insert a lobster clasp onto the end of the necklace chain.


Your necklace is now complete!


Once you’ve mastered how to make the perfect tassel, the possibilities are pretty much endless. We would love to see your recreations of this necklace so if you do try to make it, remember to tag us at @lipstiqdotcom on Instagram or hashtag #lipstiqdotcom.


Carmen Chong
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