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A couple in Shanghai identified as “Mr. Teng and Ms. Zhang” had sold their new born baby girl in exchange for money. Although reports did not state the exact amount the couple received in exchange of their baby, their online advertisement titled ‘Adopt a Baby’ had stated 30,000 Yuan and 50,000 Yuan (US$4,900 and US$8,200) accordingly. Investigators also found the mother’s online credit card transactions which showed that she had purchased Apple’s latest iPhone as well as a range of luxury items with the money received from the trade.

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According to Chinese newspaper JieFang Daily, Shanghai prosecutors have filed a case against the unemployed couple for human trafficking after illegally putting their third child up for adoption online as a source of income. The prosecutors also reported that the couple had provided false information and that the woman claimed she had a growing tumour in her tummy to hide her pregnancy in order to avoid suspicion in their neighbourhood.

After the couple were caught for their wrongdoings, they reportedly told the prosecutors that they have had their daughter’s best interest at heart and mentioned, “We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security.”

Well, this isn’t the first time that someone had gone to the extremes just to purchase an Apple product. We also shouldn’t forget the 17-year old boy who sold his kidney for money to own an Apple iPhone and iPad last year.

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