Look 1: Bikini (Cotton On), Candy Beach Bag (Present from my cousin), Shorts (Brands Outlet), Crop Top (Nichii )

Name: Claudine Imelda Richards

Age: 24

Occupation: Trade Finance Relationship Executive

What is your personal style: I would say that my personal style is pretty simple yet vibrant. My personality is usually shown in the way I dress. I love colours and I love to mix and match my clothes. I usually dress based on my mood and how I feel that day, but of course I’ll dress to the suit the occasion! Some days you’ll see me all dolled-up and some days you’ll see me all lazy in my shorts and a loose top. I’m definitely your typical girl next door with an extra edge!

What do you think about the fashion scene in KL: The fashion scene in KL is definitely trending with different styles at every edge of the city. It is becoming more daring that what it used to be.
Youths these days are more loud in the way they dress and they portray themselves really well. They have their own unique style.
Gen-Y, especially! They’re sense of dressing is definitely in line with the latest trend. You see kids and youngsters dressed in  hipster-ish around town! But I think it’s a good thing, KL will soon be the next NYC in the fashion industry!

Your favourite place to shop: My favorite places to shop would probably be Kitschen, Forever 21, H&M and online stores like Kimimela ! They always have lots of pretty pieces that I love and Their items are not overly priced! Pretty and cheap! Double dose of happiness!



 Look 2: Romper (Kitschen), Loafers (Vincci)


 Look 3: Top (Kimimela), Skirt (Brands Outlet), Pumps (Vincci), Bangles (Mum’s)


Look 4: Dress (Kitschen), Pumps (Vincci). Turquoise Handbag, (Cotton On)


 Look 5: Blouse (Kimimela),Faded Jeans(Cotton On), Loafers (Vincci)

Genevieve Nunis
If not comatose in bed watching Netflix, Genevieve (or Evie) is dressed to the nines sipping Gin-Tonics and devouring soup dumplings in a dodgy Chinese restaurant.