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[UPDATE] Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette Is Coming Soon


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Urban Decay has officially released a promotional shot of the highly-anticipated NAKED 3 Palette. The pictures are exactly the same as what the photos on the internet have exposed. The brand, known for their cruelty-free yet top quality eyeshadows say that the NAKED 3 palette features all new rose-hued shades. Unlike the classic NAKED palettes, we reckon this palette aims to take the classic nude hues up a notch to achieve a more glamorous and flirtatious look.

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You fell in love with the first two Urban Decay NAKED palettes, and now, the edgy make-up brand is teasing fans with the release of the third installment of its cult classic – The NAKED 3 Palette.

At first, many thought that the NAKED 3 palette was only just a rumor, but if you’ve ventured on to their official website,, you would have seen a little ad that confirms that the NAKED 3 palette is on its way!

Photo: Reddit

Details of the palette have yet to be released, but apparently someone might have uncovered pictures of the NAKED 3 palette through Reddit. It’s hard to tell whether it’s fake or not, but Emily Orofino from Refinery 29 suggests that the pictures may be fake:

Does it seem that multiple shadow pans from Naked 1 and Naked 2 could have been popped into here to create the appearance of a new palette? The shade “Dust” looks a helluva lot like our beloved highlight shade, “Sin,” while what we hope reads “Blackheart” looks suspiciously like “Busted.” Finally, the typeface below each pan just doesn’t look like the high quality we’re used to seeing from our beloved UD.

Orofino has approached Urban Decay for a comment about the pictures, but has yet to receive a response. Commenters also seem to regard the pictures as fake.


However, the lovely people at Urban Decay have just released the Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette teaser video, and we can’t help but express our excitement. For more official news on Urban Decay’s NAKED 3 Palette, sign up to receive updates here.

Are you excited about the Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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