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Just after Jessica Hart’s comments on Taylor Swift’s performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 went viral, the VS Angel now claims that her comments were “wildly misinterpreted”.

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Jessica Hart previously said that Taylor Swift was not a good fit for the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but now the blonde beauty told E! News saying, “I adore Taylor Swift and I was so excited to be with her at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.”
Photo via E! Online

“Taylor’s amazing musical performance on that runway is nothing compared to what we do. I could never get up there and do what she does; she is a true rock star and she absolutely killed it the other night,” she added.

According to Hart, Taylor Swift is one her favourite artists and she said, “Her song ‘Fearless’ is one of my favourite songs and I own her first-ever CD, I can’t imagine why I would have said anything bad about her.”

Victoria’s Secret’s Chief Marketing Officer, Edward Razek also came into the defence of Jessica Hart and told Us Magazine, “I have personally been in contact with Jessica Hart and she said she was ‘wildly misinterpreted’ and that she thought Taylor was ‘amazing’. She is stunned that anyone would think differently. And that’s something we can all agree on.”

“We honestly could not have been happier with Taylor. She rocked the house. Sounded great. Looked stunning. And had the best time with the Angels. Some things I let slide. But not this. It couldn’t be more wrong. She is welcome back to do the show any time she wants,” he added.

What do you think, girls? Did Jessica Hart try to cover up her blunt mistake?

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