The Cotton Field Scarecrowes recently announced the launch of their full-length debut album, “Dancing Hymns and Broken Rhymes”. The band also took the stage with a full live band performance at the Annexe Gallery, Central Market on the 17th of November 2013. The launch was also supported by Malaysian folk rock musician Azmyl Yunor and trumpeter Muhd Irhas “Payung”of Salam Musik.

The duo’s bleak folk approach to today’s music scene is wonderment to both fans and listeners alike. The band brings a unique concept music combining influences from the past and indie folk light offering melodic and moody tunes, pensive lyrics and felt vocals. “I write music to share more than anything else. In hope that this music and our live experiences will be the healing pieces for the weary, “says songwriter Johann Sultan.

The Kuala Lumpur-based indie folk band consists mainly of two brothers: lead singer and songwriter, Johann Sultan and Shahrhyl Sultan, on the electric guitar. Their album is an outgrowth of everything characteristically folk. It captivates even the most discerning music lovers with melancholic tracks like “Flower Child”, soothing harmonies of the track, “Eternal Wonders” to enjoyable instrumentals track like “Pelican Hill”.

Musically, The Cotton Field Scarecrowes exudes a real interest in American roots music which helps create the foundation of the album. “As a huge fan of American history, I intend to transport myself back to the early days of the roots. Thus, landing on to that one thing we call ‘The Bleak Folk Hymnody’- a whirlpool of melancholic symptoms and jubilation. Kind of like songs of hope,” says Johann. Lead guitarist Shahrhyl Sultan described it as “The transition of two extremes, a dark stormy day to the warmth of a bright happy sunshine. The band ascends the feeling of happiness and hope just when you need it, but unexpectedly.” The result is a sound oriented towards Americana with a blend of their own stamp on melancholic melodies.


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