Photo: Food Network
Photo: Food Network

Anything sweet always comes with a hefty calorie-tag. However, you can always find better alternatives to satisfy your cravings for something sweet that won’t make you expand sideways. Here are some healthy suggestions that are both healthy and will make you happy!

Chocolate-dipped Strawberry
Craving candies? Forgo the candy bar and get chocolate’s healthier side by using it as a bittersweet coat (choose dark chocolate) for your bite-sized fruits like strawberries, blueberries, apple chunks and more. Just melt the chocolate and slowly dip your fruits halfway in, and put them in the fridge to cool.

Want something rich and creamy like a milkshake? Grab a healthier option like a smoothie that comes with fresh fruit, yogurt and honey. For a creamier consistency, add protein powder or oatmeal powder.

Photo: HealthyResolutions
Photo: HealthyResolutions

Frozen Yogurt Parfait
Need to cool down on a warm, sunny day with a sweet treat? Skip the gelato queue and make yourself a frozen yogurt parfait with some cereals and fruits. If you’re doing it at home, add some a bit of shaved chocolate.

Low-fat Chocolate Milk
Is your inner chocolate urging you to attack that high-calorie chocolate bar? Satiate your cravings with a chilled glass of low-fat chocolate milk instead! It’ll fill you up better and you’ll get your dose of calcium and protein too.


All-Fruit Popsicle
We all know fruits are good for us, but if you’re bored of snacking on them one-by-one, make it a fun, refreshing treat by pureeing a few fruits like watermelon, honeydew, and strawberries, and pouring it in a popsicle mould. Freeze it overnight and enjoy it anytime you please. Add some honey to sweeten it.

Peanut Butter Pudding
We all know peanut butter is good for us, but sandwiches or licking it off the spoon can get boring. Instead, mix it up with a cup of plain yogurt and whip it up until it forms a nice, smooth texture. Chill it for 30 minutes and enjoy it with a serving of fruits for fiber.

Apple-Pie in a Cup
If you’re craving pie, but don’t want to pile on the pounds, just bake it with the butter crust. Chop some apples, peaches or berries, toss it in an oven-save bowl, and top it with some maple syrup, cinnamon and some oatmeal or granola to give it a slight crust.

Genevieve Nunis
If not comatose in bed watching Netflix, Genevieve (or Evie) is dressed to the nines sipping Gin-Tonics and devouring soup dumplings in a dodgy Chinese restaurant.