A new year signifies a new beginning, and to us, this calls for a major spruce up around the house! Although there are many ways you can go about this, we believe that it is the easiest to decorate using pictures and photographs you’ve accumulated throughout the years. Not only will you certainly be able to reminisce about the past and remember the good times, your guests will also have something to ponder at every time they visit. Don’t know where to begin? Here are 10 different ways to display your pictures and photos.

1. Photo gallery wall

Instead of displaying one frame on a blank wall, try making a huge statement with plenty of different sized frames arranged in a specific layout to give your home an extra oomph.


2. Use clipboards

This is an ingenious idea and we love fact that it allows us to switch out the photos effortlessly whenever we want to. No glues or pushpins involved!


3. Reuse an old window frame

Don’t trash that old broken window of yours! It makes a great frame for your photos and it even has that rustic look to make your home extra cozy.


4. Put your photos in glass jars

Collect all your empty glass food jars and place a photo on the inside of the jars. Arrange these jars on a book shelf and you’re pretty much done.


5. Make a photo mobile

Although this requires a little bit of work, we’re convinced that you’d be satisfied with the end product. This is very inexpensive to make too.


6. Photo frame display

Similar to the clipboard idea, you can also easily switch out the photos whenever you like on this photo frame display. This is also best suited for Instagram photo prints as they are already in square in shape.

instagram dispay

7. Make a canvas photo collage

With some Mod Podge, a giant canvas and some photos, you can easily create a photo collage with some of your favourite pictures.


8. Stack frames on shelves

By stacking your frames along some shelves, you would save yourself from the hassle of drilling and inserting hooks into your walls. You can also play with the arrangement of the frames until you’re satisfied.


9. Polaroid photo wall

If you have way too many Polaroid photos lying around the house, display the photos by arranging each one to form a pattern or shape. This method works with regular photo prints as well!

instax photo heart

10. Make a hexagon shaped display

This makes a really cute addition to any home and it’s fairly simple to create too. Pick out some of your favourite photographs, cut them into little hexagons and arrange them however you prefer.

DIY Instagram Hexagon Frame

Carmen Chong
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