Photo: Facebook via Miss Universe Malaysia

Photo: Facebook via Miss Universe Malaysia

Charismatic, intelligent, and equipped with a million dollar smile, 23-year-old Sabrina Beneett took home the Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 crown at the Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 finale!

Coming from the charming town of Ipoh, the Psychology and Communication Student received embraced her new title as Malaysia’s compassionate beauties from former title-holder, Carey Ng.

Remaining were 1st runner-up, Kausalya Ida and 3rd runner-up, Lyn Lim.

When asked about what cause she would pursue and if a beauty queen could be more effective in carrying it out better than an NGO, Sabrina replies, “I believe that beauty is something people are inclined towards and in a way receptive to. It can make a difference in the right way.”

We wish Sabrina all the best with her reign in 2014!


To learn more about Sabrina, follow her on Facebook here.

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