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LOOK 1 : Army Green Oversized Cardigan from Mirrorcle, Black Long Sleeved Turtleneck from Jalan Kenanga, Jeggings from Uniqlo, Boots from Dr. Martens, Bag from JJ Winters

Name: Sarah Hildebrand
Age: 23
Occupation: Model/Talent

Describe your personal style: I would say my style varies. I like to change things up. Sometimes it’s classic and easy. An everyday look for me would be black, minimal and comfortable. When I really have the time to plan ahead, I like to play around with themes. Today I’ll feel like a 90’s grunge kid, tomorrow a Mormon, and the next day probably an American Country Doll. I do this especially, when I go on trips. As you can see in the pictures, for my trip to Paris I packed “Parisian Chic” with me. I like to have fun with it!

All in all, I’m a pretty simple person. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, small studs are fine for day to day wear. Even for an occasion, I don’t wear a whole lot, although for evening wear, I like to wear at least one statement piece of jewelry, whether that being a ring or a cuff or a necklace. Comfort plays a major role in my outfits so I like baggy tops and bottoms. On days where I want to use my figure to my advantage, I’ll wear body hugging clothes but nothing too revealing. For me, showing skin isn’t always sexy, style is. I hardly ever wear heels unless I’m working. For me it’s comfort over pain, I’m going to get old some day and I want my precious feet to last awhile longer. I’m starting to love big skirts, long and short. I’m also into colors as well as mustards, maroons and creams.

I love browsing online to look for inspiration. I’ll go on websites like Pinterest, Tumblr and fashion blogs. My most favorite is the Australian fashion blog ‘They All Hate Us’. I love playing around with my makeup. Simple makeup with a bold lip or a bold set of eyes with nude lips, divine! Hair is another aspect I like to incorporate in my style. I change it up as soon as I get bored of it. I find that I’m really into sleek straight hair and bangs at the moment. As of now, I’m sporting a Cleopatra-esque hairstyle.

Your thoughts on the KL fashion scene: I love KL! We’re not only diverse in culture and ethnicity but in style too. When I’m out running around, I can’t help but notice a stylish individual here and there, which is freaking awesome. It’s good to know there are so many of the bold and brave. Yes, although many love to follow trends, some piece by piece, that’s cool too. Maybe they aren’t as extroverted or maybe they are testing the waters till they find their own style, but hey, as long as fashion in KL keeps it’s cycle running, it’s all good. Since it’s obvious that the KL fashion scene is expanding, we know that individual creativity is growing as well. Not that it hasn’t before, it’s more noticeable now, since many are coming out of there comfort zones. Isn’t that lovely, you guys? I’m all about fashion & I’m all about creativity, it awes me. I’m hoping to see more in the near future. It’s 2014 yo, come on KL fashionistas!

Favourite places to shop: I shop literally everywhere and anywhere. Be it in a shopping mall, a thrift store, or a bazaar, international or local, if something catches my eye, I’m there. I don’t have a specific favorite brand or anything like that. I just get inspired and try to find my pieces where ever I can, and fit the pieces to the puzzle later. Quality is crucial to me, so I will always thoroughly check piece by piece; where is it made, the material, etc. I’d hate for a nice piece of clothing or accessory to wear or tear so easily. It kills me just a little bit.

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LOOK 2:  Bowler Hat, Bag, Knee Length Socks and Flats from H&M, Striped Top from a local bazaar, Shorts from Forever 21


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LOOK 3:  White Blouse from Talbots, Denim Vest from French Connection, Black Jeggings from Uniqlo, Bag and Flats from H&M.


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LOOK 4: Turtleneck Crop Top from Topshop, Skater Skirt from Miss Selfridge, Bag and Flats from H&M, Gold Accessories from Diva


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LOOK 5:  Hot Pink Sweater from H&M, Oxblood Corduroy Jeggings from Uniqlo, Boots from Dr. Martens


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LOOK 6:  V-Neck from Forever 21, Thrifted Overall Skirt, Cat Flats from Padini.