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Via Daisys Flowers Online

Valentine’s Day this 2014 is going to be a slightly more costly affair for those wishing to pamper their loved ones with flowers. Due to the rising prices of goods, flower prices are set to increase by 10 to 15 percent this month.

A survey showed that wholesalers in Petaling Street would have no choice but to raise prices based on suppliers’ rates. According to a statement by the Malaysia Florist Association, the move was made because of the hike in overhead costs, among others.

“Farming overheads, medicine and fertilisers are also increasing. Therefore, after discussions with florists, a decision to increase the price was made,” it said.

The price hike will be applicable for all flowers, leaves and related products. Checks with a trader of Fresh Flower Wholesaler Petal Florist in Petaling Street showed that prices of roses would see a hike on Valentine’s Day and the cause of this hike is due to weather conditions.

“A bouquet of eight stalks of roses priced at RM80 would cost RM100 n Valentine’s Day while 12 stalks priced at RM100 would cost RM150,” said the trader. “Those who book now for Valentine’s Day will be charged with the new prices.”